Yeniseisk Citizens Meet the Universiade Flame


On 5 February, the 29th Winter Universiade 2019 Flame leg took place in Yeniseisk. Flame bearers started in the historical centre of one of the oldest Siberian towns near the monument to Yeniseisk founders and finished at the square at the crossroads of Lenina, Kirova and Babkina streets. The total length of the Universiade Flame route in Yeniseisk was 2,300 m.

Boris Fyodorov, world champion in kettle bell lifting among veterans, was the first participant of the Universiade Flame: "When last summer I learnt the results of the selection of the Winter Universiade 2019 flame bearers, I was very glad to find myself in the list, as many people dreamt about it. I participated in various competitions of various levels as an athlete, as a referee and as a spectator, but it is the first time in my life that I am a flame bearer. When I was carrying the Universiade Flame, I felt responsibility for our town!".
Twelve flame bearers participated in the Universiade Flame, including the winner of international and Russian competitions in power lifting Oleg Dremezov, the physical training teacher from secondary school No.9 Aleksey Khavansky, and the teacher from a children's music school Anna Skibitskaya.
Stepan Chirkov, Head of student teams from the Udmurt Republic, came to Yeniseisk from Izhevsk: "I came here by three types of transport: first, by airplane, then by train and then I had a 7-hour trip by bus. When I learnt that I would have to travel so far, I was even glad. It is great that I saw so many things and visited this interesting Siberian town."
The official events of the Universiade Flame were attended by Deputy Minister of Culture in the Krasnoyarsk Territory Olga Vasilyeva, Mayor of Yeniseisk Valery Nikolsky, and Chairman of the Yeniseisk Town Council Vladimir Arutyunyan. "The Universiade Flame unites countries and towns, as many people watch how flame legs are held," said Deputy Minister of Culture in the Krasnoyarsk Territory Olga Vasilyeva, "despite the fact that we had 40-degree frosts in Yeniseisk, the event was bright and warm!".
Mayor of Yeniseisk Valery Nikolsky emphasized that the fact that Yeniseisk was included in the route of the Universiade Flame means great trust:  "It proves that we can hold high level events, which is very important, as Yeniseisk is getting ready for a large-scale celebration of its 400th anniversary."
Galina Gasnikova, a student of Yeniseisk Teacher Training College, was the finishing flame bearer and, together with the Mayor of Yeniseisk, she ignited the town cauldron.  "I was incredibly excited before the start," said Galina Gasnikova, "I tried to focus, I was thinking about how it would all go. Now I am overwhelmed with a feeling of pride! The Universiade Flame organization makes a big impression. Everyone in the team knows what to do, and everything goes smoothly."
After the flame bearers finished running, there was a festive event in the town community centre for guests and residents, with a concert prepared within the Yenisei Express social and cultural project.
From Yeniseisk, the Winter Universiade 2019 Flame will be taken to Kansk where the next leg will take place on 9 February.
To recap, the Krasnoyarsk Territory leg of the Winter Universiade 2019 Flame started on 22 January in Norilsk. The project was launched on 20 September in Turin, Italy, where the Flame lighting ceremony was held. Such cities as Almaty (Kazakhstan) and Harbin (China) welcomed the flame bearers as a part of the Universiade Flame international leg. In Russia, the Universiade Flame has already passed 20 cities. The Universiade Flame route will end in Krasnoyarsk on 1 March 2019.
The Winter Universiade 2019 Flame is supported by Nornickel Mining and Metallurgical Company and Siberian Wellness International Corporation. Throughout the whole route, the Universiade Flame is guarded by the Federal National Guard Troops Service.