The Winter Universiade 2019 Flame has been carried through the streets of Tura


Another leg of the 29th Winter Universiade Krasnoyarsk 2019 Flame went through the town of Tura on 26 January where the flame arrived from Norilsk. For the record, Norilsk became the first place in the Krasnoyarsk Territory along the route of the large-scale international project.

The total length of the route in Tura is 1620 m. The bearers of the Winter Universiade Krasnoyarsk 2019 Flame started off at the Central Inter-Urban Library. The participants and spectators of the relay were greeted by the acting head of the town Yury Sadovin.
The first to bear the Universiade flame was Vladimir Khomenko, a famous Evenki singer, laureate of international and Russian nationwide contests and festivals, participant of the Russian Wonder festival in Tunisia: "I'm so pleased to be part of the history of the Winter Universiade Krasnoyarsk 2019. My friends told me: "Volodya, go run with grace!" I promised them I would (smiles). It's good I've had enough sleep today and wasn't feeling anxious!".
All in all, there were 10 bearers who took the Flame through the streets of Tura, among them Vasily Udygir, Northern Multiathlon Champion of Russia, Aleksandr Vasilkovsky, coach of the Children's and Youth Sports School of the Evenki Municipal District Centre for Physical Education and Sports, winner of the Russian Northern Multiathlon Championship in jumps over narty (arctic sledges); Anna Sokolovskaya, Physical Education instructor of the Rucheyok Kindergarten No. 3; and Aleksandr Vladimirov, artistic director of the Osiktakan Evenki Folk Song and Dance Company. It is worth noting that Aleksandr Vladimirov was cheered by the performers of his group who sang a few songs while he was on the route.
The city cauldron was lit on the square in front of the Evenki District Culture and Recreation Centre by Aleksandr Nikolayenko, First Deputy Head of the Evenki Municipal District Administration, and Yury Mungalov, veteran of Evenki sports, who closed up the Universiade Flame leg in Tura.
"We are happy to have the Winter Universiade 2019 Flame in our land," said Aleksandr Nikolayenko, First Deputy Head of the Evenki Municipal District Administration. "We hope that the Russian team will end up first in the medal count of the Games. We are honoured to be taking part in this magnificent celebration of sports. I wish all the next towns along the regional leg of the Universiade Flame to enjoy their part with grace and brightness!".
Stella Alekseeva, Deputy Director General of the Directorate of the Winter Universiade Krasnoyarsk 2019, pointed out that it was the first time the Organising Committee team had to put up the Flame at such low temperature, 37 degrees below zero: "Yet again we proved to be able to work in any temperature conditions: we are a really tight-knit team, and the flame keeps us all warm, too. We deliberately put Tura on the map of the Universiade Flame, because we believe that every resident of our vast region should have a chance to feel that the Krasnoyarsk Territory is at the very heart of the event."
Right next to the Culture and Recreation Centre there was a chum, a raw-hide tent, that was specifically installed for spectators. Besides, the villagers were taken on dog-sledge rides. The flame relay culminated in a concert that was given in the Centre Hall.
From Tura, the Winter Universiade 2019 Flame will be brought to Kodinsk where the next leg of the relay will take place on 1 February.
Let us remind that the Universiade Flame started on 20 September in the Italian city of Turin where the solemn lighting ceremony of the Winter Universiade 2019 Flame took place. Such cities as Almaty (Kazakhstan) and Harbin (China) welcomed the flame bearers as a part of the Universiade Flame Relay international leg. In Russia, the Universiade Flame has already been brought to 18 cities. The trip of the Winter Universiade 2019 Flame will be finished on 1 March 2019 in Krasnoyarsk.
The Winter Universiade 2019 Flame is supported by Nornickel Mining and Metallurgical Company and Siberian Wellness International Corporation. Throughout all the route of the relay the Universiade Flame is guarded by the Federal National Guard Troops Service.