The Semi-Finals of the Bandy World Championship Y19 Will Feature Matches Sweden vs Norway and Russia vs Finland


The stage of robin matches of the Bandy World Championship Y19 came to a close at the Yenisei Ice Stadium. The second day of the Winter Universiade Krasnoyarsk 2019 test competitions ended in Sweden, Russia, Finland and Norway going forward into the semi-final.

Today the Bandy World Championship was visited by Pavel Kolobkov, Russia's Minister of Sports. On his visit to Krasnoyarsk, he did not only manage to familiarise with the facilities of the venue for one of the most popular sports in the Krasnoyarsk Territory, but also got a chance to attend the Russia vs Finland match. Pavel Kolobkov commented on the front-runners in the gold medal match: "Russian national team is always among the front-runners in ice hockey, though Sweden and Finland are traditionally strong, too."
The morning competition programme featured the decisive match for the playoff that Kazakhstan lost to Norway 0:12. In their final match at the Yenisei Ice Stadium the Kazakhstan team was defeated by Russia with the same score, 0:12, and, as a result, ended up fifth.
The Russia vs Finland match was between medal favourites. The game turned out to be captivating: the Finnish team proved to be one of the front-runners of the tournament. Throughout the match the Russian players could hardly stay ahead by more than one goal. The goal scored by Igor Kotlyarenko in the last minute of the second half nailed down the victory of Russia with the score 4:2.
After the match with Finland, Vladimir Kitkov, main coach of the Russian national junior team, said a few words about the upcoming semi-final and final: "Tomorrow is the big day for us. The semi-final is in the morning, and I hope we will get through to the final in the evening. Our guys do look exhausted, though. What's our advantage over Sweden? It's in the functional preparation. Now we've worn out this advantage a bit. Tonight all the coaching staff, physicians and masseurs will be working miracles to put the guys back to their finest so they step out onto the ice well rested tomorrow."
The next match of the day was won by Sweden that swept to another victory without letting in a single goal. This time Sweden beat Norway with the score 7:0. The round robin matches of the Bandy World Championship Y19 ended with the match between Sweden and Finland. The ever-present head-to-head confrontation of neighbours finished off with the Swedish team winning with the score 9:1.
On Sunday 27 January at 9 am, the Yenisei Ice Stadium will see the first pair of the semi-final, Sweden vs Norway, which will be followed by the second semi-final match at 11:30 am: Russia vs Finland.
Spectators can witness the semi-final matches using fliers that will be issued for free in ticket offices of the Yenisei Ice Stadium two hours before the game. Tickets for the third place play-off and the finals can be purchased on the official website of the Winter Universiade Krasnoyarsk 2019, at the Universiade Ticket Centre (2 B Mira Ave., Krasnoyarsk), as well as at the ticket offices of the Yenisei Ice Stadium. The ticket price is 100 RUB.
Schedule of competitions, standings, names of scorers, as well as admission rules, information about the transport and intercept zones for spectators are available on the website of the Winter Universiade Krasnoyarsk 2019.